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FINANTE - Provocarile viitorului
YEAR XX no. 22/2020

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Summary Cuprins_EN_2020
Introductory Note INTRODUCTORY NOTE 2020
Marin OPRITESCU, Roxana Maria BADIRCEA, Nicoleta Mihaela FLOREA, Alina Georgiana MANTA, Silvia PUIU, Dalian Marius DORAN The Impact of Blue Economy and Economic Growth on Climate Changes in Baltic Countries
Dumitru BELDIMAN, Alia Gabriela DUTA Possibilities to Quantify the Impact of Accessing Structural Funds and Cohesion Using Econometric Models
Raluca Andreea GHETU, Petre BREZEANU Comparative Analysis of Some Member States of the European Union in Central and Eastern Europe Regarding the Evolution of the Fiscal Pressure on Taxes
Iosif-Simion MIHON, Attila TAMAS, Monica Ioana TOADER, Alin IRIMIA Transfer Prices. National and European Perspectives
Adriana Elena PORUMBOIU, Petre BREZEANU The Lawsuits Romania Loses at European Court of Human Rights - Judicial Vulnerability, Fiscal Consequences
Valeriu BRABETE, Ioana BRABETE Increasing Possibilities of Voluntary Tax Compliance Degree
Eleodor-Alin MIHAI, Corina-Florentina SCARLAT (MIHAI) Econometric Models for Quantifying the Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on the Configuration of Banking Assets and Liabilities
Tatiana (PAUN) ZAMFIROIU The Monetary Policy Promoted by Romania’s Central Bank: Where To?
Ionela BUTU, Petre BREZEANU Fighting VAT Fraud through Administrative Tools in the European Union
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