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FINANTE - Provocarile viitorului
Year XIII, No. 15/2013
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Dumitru Constantinescu, Marin Oprițescu Professor Constantin Ionete: “A Titan of Economic Sciences”
Ioan E. Nistor, Daniela-Rodica Popescu Romanian SMEs Financing Options: An Empirical Analysis
Gheorghe Matei, Luiza Apostol Current Imbalances and Main Adjustment Mechanisms in the European Monetary Union
Dorel Berceanu, Nicolae Sichigea Practices of Dividend Policies Adopted by Energy and Utilities Companies Listed on the BSE
Marin Opriţescu, Ramona Andreea Teică , Alia Gabriela Duță The Integration in the Economic and Monetary Union: when?
Ioan Alin Nistor, Maria Ciupac-Ulici, Ioana Radu Testing the Granger Causality between the Dynamics of the Romanian Mutual Fund Market and the Economy
Marcel Drăcea, Radu Buziernescu, Nicoleta Mihaela Florea Harmonization of VAT in the European Union. Achievements and Perspectives
Ana Popa, Laura Vasilescu Priorities in Investment Decisions for Rural Development in Romania
Jenica Popescu, Victoria Firescu Considerations about Methods of Rescue for Financial Institutions: the Case of Cyprus
Ioana Benea, Florin Duma Financing with Receivables: Factoring, Securitization and Collateral
Mircea Perpelea, Alia Gabriela Duță, Sebastian Perpelea Is Romania Integrating in a Monetary Heaven?
Alina Georgiana Manta, Roxana Maria Bădīrcea Case – study Concerning the Effects of the Macroeconomic Variables on the Loan Portfolios Quality of the Romanian Banking Sector Using the VAR Model and Least Squares Method
Ramona Pīrvu, Gheorghe Axinte The Impact of Remittances on the International Migration and Economic Development
Lavinia Maria Nețoiu, Titu Neţoiu, Nela Loredana Meiță Impact of Financial Crisis on Lending in Romania. Analysis for the Period 2007-2012
Narcis Eduard Mitu Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers
Răducu Emil Buziernescu, Stelian Selişteanu, Nicoleta Mihaela Florea Atypical Fiscal States: Fiscal Inactivity State and the Fiscal Body Ex-Officio Cancellation of the Registration Code for VAT Purposes
Lavinia Maria Nețoiu, Titu Neţoiu, Nela Loredana Meiță The Evolution of the Non-performing Loans within the Romanian Banking System
Mircea Perpelea, Victor Duță , Octavian Perpelea Is the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union an Optimum Currency Area?
Dragoș Mīnjină, Petre Brezeanu Testing the Efficient Markets Hypothesis on the Romanian Capital Market
Bunta Levente Zoltįn Global Quality Management in Adjusting Prices
Nicoleta Mihaela Florea, Mirela Ganea, Stelian Selişteanu Structure and Evolution of EU Budget Revenue
Basmah Al Qudaiby, Muhammad Rahatullah Khan Financial Synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions in Saudi Arabia
Silviu Eduard Dincă Unwinding RON carry-trade or RON speculative attack?
Sorin Claudiu Radu Initial Public Offering – Finance Source of Stock Exchanges
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